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About EMC

Rubber Flooring Manufacturing

EMC designs, manufactures and delivers innovative surfacing solutions of the highest quality. We produce world-class, eco-friendly surfacing and molded products to support the way you live, work and play. 

Your complete satisfaction drives everything we do – from relentlessly improving our products to our total commitment to your satisfaction and safety – you can count on us!  We are fueled by the trust our customers place in us to deliver premium quality and the promise of fulfilling amazing customer experiences. That same commitment for excellence we put into making our surfacing and molded products can be seen in our distributors and dealers.  With their excellent service and extensive knowledge, they will help you make the best choice to meet your needs now and in the future.

Playgrounds, Roof Protection, Landscape, Gym and Fitness and More

We embrace a culture of personal responsibility and stewardship for quality and the environment in everything we do. With a passion for the environment, EMC delivers innovations that matter for our customers and the planet. Together with our sister company, BAS Recycling, we divert millions of waste tires from our landfills every year. We preserve natural resources by reusing these waste tires to make high-quality, recycled rubber surfacing and molded solutions – lessening environmental impact and fostering a sustainable future.

Custom Rubber Flooring Manufacturing

We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities includes designing, molding and producing recycled rubber solutions for a wide range of industry applications, including solar energy and gaming. From assistance in initial design and prototyping to complete assembly, we work with you to deliver a high-quality product.

EMC is funded by grants from CalRecycle.

There were 14,031 waste tires diverted from the waste stream from products included in the 7th Tire Incentive Grant (TIP7).