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Paver Tiles

Rubber Flooring Paver Tiles

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Enhanced comfort and beauty with our Paver Tiles

Our architectural rubber flooring paver tiles transform hard floors and surfaces into attractive, slip-resistant, comfortable areas – perfect for daycare centers, churches, shopping malls, utility areas, walkways, garages and around swimming pools.

Rubber Flooring

Enjoy underfoot comfort with our indoor or outdoor rubber floor tiles that are slip-resistant and made from 100% recycled rubber – the perfect alternative to traditional flooring.

Create a beautiful, comfortable, protective rubber floor for all of your residential and commercial environments. Our rubber mats are available in half-inch or three-quarter-inch thickness to accommodate low thresholds and minimize transition heights.

Recycled Rubber Flooring Tiles

Paver Tile are available in Black, Red, Blue, Gray, and Green to satisfy all of your aesthetic needs.

Cover up that old concrete with these recycled rubber patio paver tiles and transform your space into a beautiful, slip resistant cushioned surfacing that will breathe new life into an old space.  Available in flat top or brick top finishes, these rubber mats will provide a durable and long lasting finish for your surfacing needs.

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  • Professional Grade:  Made in America to last
  • Accessible:  Unitary surface for easy access 
  • Easy Maintenance:  Simply vacuum or hose off with water
  • Made from Recycled Materials
  • Puncture Resistant:  Increased density for greater protection
  • Smooth, dense and shock absorbent for more support and satisfaction
  • Skid resistant –  wet  and dry
  • Easy installation with modular design – fully-adhered or floating applications over concrete or asphalt
  • Easy maintenance – requires only basic cleaning with a vacuum, broom or standard garden hose
  • Non toxic and certified 100% steel free
  • Molded from 100% post-consumer waste tires, each tile diverts up to 1 tire from our landfills
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Rubber Flooring Paver Tiles

Paver Tile recycled rubber flooring mats are the ideal surfacing rubber mat tiles to provide enhanced cushion and better traction for your patios, walkways, driveways and garage.  Cover old concrete or asphalt pavements into aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and slip resistant surfaces with a simple overlay.  Made from 100% recycled rubber, these glue down or pinned tiles provide a slip-resistant, antifatigue surface when wet or dry.  Choose this superior alternative to traditional flooring materials for better cushion and traction, all while improving the look of old hardscape surfacing.

Garage Paver Tiles

Our rubber paving tiles transform traditional flooring into fatigue-free, slip resistant attractive surfaces.  Easy to install and made to last these recycled rubber paving tiles are the ideal choice for the professional as well as the do-it-yourself installer.  Unlike other recycled rubber flooring tiles, Paver Tiles have the density to withstand vehicular traffic with a thin design to limit transition heights.

Our rubber tiles can be used both in indoor and outdoor applications.  When used outdoors the recycled rubber tiles will be exposed to direct ultra-violet light.  Rubber mats have a low relative reflectivity (heat reflection) and a high emissivity (heat absorption) which can cause the tiles to get hot to the touch just like conventional hardscape materials.

Recycled Rubber Tile Installation

Paver Tile rubber tiles can be installed over any hard, stable surface such as concrete, asphalt, compacted stone base, wood or other similar substrates.  The type of substrate may affect the quality of the finished installation as well as the look of the tiles.  Rubber surfacing substrates should drain freely and should have a smooth plane.  Any variations in the substrate plane in excess of 1/4” across a span of 10 (ten) feet should be corrected prior to installing the rubber tiles.

Rubber mats can be installed using a polyurethane based adhesive for a non-floating application or our SureKONNECT Pin system for a floating application (pinned application only availabe with 1.00" tiles).  The perimeter must contain the installed tiles to prevent them from moving during normal expansion and contraction that will occur.  Permanent perimeter containment made from concrete or asphalt make an excellent containment as will our prefabricated rubber transition ramps when glued to the substrate. 

EPDM colored Rubber Patio Mats must be fully adhered to the substrate.

Recycled Rubber Tile Expansion and Contraction

Recycled rubber tiles are made from crumb rubber.  The natural and beneficial properties of crumb rubber that make it an excellent and proven raw material for drives, paths and garages (resilience and durability), also contribute to tile expansion and contraction with changes to sun exposure and changes in temperature.  As the rubber tiles absorb heat they will expand and get larger.  As the heat dissipates when the exposure to the sun is removed and/or the temperature drops, the rubber tiles will naturally shrink.  This normal and to be expected change in tile size may result in gaps between during cold weather with lower UV intensity.

The best way to minimize “gapping” between recycled rubber tiles from occurring is to condition the rubber tile mats prior to installation and to provide as much shade (natural or man made) as possible above the area of installation.  Conditioning the rubber tile mats is done by spreading all of the rubber tiles out in an area that does not have direct sun exposure and allowing them to relax to their natural size.  In high  heat, high UV exposure conditions (Summer), installations will be more difficult to achieve proper conditioning and may result in the need to make adjustments to the rubber tile installation the following Spring.

Rubber Flooring Tile Benefits

Paver Tiles are an excellent choice for creating a safe and accessible protective surfacing in and around the home or business and in any space you need a slip resistant protective surfacing.  The rubber tiles are made from recycled tire crumb rubber that is:

  • Highly resilient to provide excellent head impact protection under falls in hot or cold temperatures,
  • Extremely durable to provide lasting performance under extreme outdoor conditions as well as indoors,
  • Proven safe through extensive in-the-field as well as in the laboratory testing,
  • Naturally slip and skid resistant in wet or dry conditions,
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.

Recycled rubber tiles and rubber mats made from recycled tire crumb rubber have a proven history of performance  dating back more than 25 years. Paver Tiles have been available to the public since 1996 and during the past 18 years have been installed on projects around the world including in public and private spaces, backyards and commercial and retail businesses. 

For a safe, reliable, low maintenance and easy to install rubber safety protective surfacing, choose Paver Tiles and create an inviting area to be enjoyed for years to come.

Rubber Flooring Paver Tiles

Our recycled rubber tiles are made from the highest quality raw materials  to provide our customers with a safe, reliable, low maintenance and easy to install protective and yet cushioning surfacing wherever you need it.

Patio and Garage Rubber Tile Features:

  • Warranty: 5 Year Diamond Pledge Limited Material
  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Pigment and polyurethane binder are contain no lead
  • 100% recycled tire crumb rubber (all pigmented color options)
  • EPDM color options include a wear layer made from 100% virgin EPDM rubber

Rubber Tile Characteristics:

  • Non Slip and Non Skid surface whether wet or dry
  • Anti-Fatigue and High Resilience for a comfortable surface
  • Waterproof
  • Made in USA
  • Adhesive free floating or full glue down application
  • Outdoor and UV Resistant for extremely high durability

Components, Sizes and Dimensions:

0.50" and 1.00” Thick Rubber Tile Mats

  • Center Tiles: 24” wide x 24” long nominal dimensions (23 7/8" ±1/8")
  • Transition Tiles:  1" Thick by 4" wide by 48" long

Rubber Flooring Paver Tiles

Paver Tiles are available in Black SBR, Solid SBR, Speckled SBR, and Speckled Premium (Gray/Black). 

Please note: The Gray and Black speckled color option is now available as a Speckled Premium color option. Pricing differs from the standard SBR speckled option. 

Paver Tiles Color Wear

The wear course material affects the color durability and UV resistance.  Pigmented tire rubber colors will not fade due to UV; however, the color will wear off over time under normal pedestrian traffic.  Higher traffic areas such as at entry points will wear more quickly than lower traffic areas such as open space away from the natural pathways.  

Extremely high traffic levels will not only cause color loss more quickly but may also cause rubber granule loss.  Wear in these areas is considered to be a maintenance item under the terms of the Diamond Pledge Limited Material Warranty.

Colors will not wear off under traffic; however, the color will fade due to UV exposure (similar to the way colored concrete fades over time). Bright colors such as red will fade more quickly.

These color characteristics are inherent physical qualities of the type of wear course material selected and color loss or color fading is considered normal “wear and tear” and is NOT covered by the Diamond Pledge Limited  Material Warranty.


Accessory Color Options and Special Order Colors: Special order colors are subject to a minimum order quantity of 250 tiles plus a $275.00 processing fee. All Special Order colors and Custom Orders once confirmed cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable (including deposits). Please refer to color chart for special color selections.  


  • Black


  • Blue

  • Gray

  • Green

  • Red

  • Blue Black

  • Green Black

  • Red Black

  • Tan Black

  • Gray black Premium Speckled

  • Please contact us at to request a quote
  • All colors are not available in all profiles or thickness.
  • Pricing is established based on F.O.B. from the factory, additional freight cost may apply.
  • EMC reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue any color, thickness, profile or accessory at any time.