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Rooftop Patios

Roof top and Patio Rubber Tiles

Rubber Deck Tiles

DeckTop Architectural Roof Deck Rubber Tiles provide the perfect combination of beauty, function and ease of installation for all of your roof rubber deck top surfacing applications. Create an attractive, slip-resistant, low-maintenance rubber tile surface for your rooftop decks, patios, plazas, walkways and more!

Designed with a unique pedestal bottom, these recycled rubber deck tiles provide good drainage and install in a floating application to eliminate the need for adhesive or roof penetration.  DeckTop Architectural Tiles are compatible with most flat water proofing membranes making them an excellent choice for protecting your waterproofing while providing useable outdoor living space.

Rubber Tile Durability

DeckTop rubber roof tiles are made unlike other playground tile options.  Engineered with the density to withstand greater point loads, EMC DeckTop Rubber Roof Protection tiles easily protect your roofing system from chairs, table legs, high heels and other point loaded items placed on the roof.  Gain peace of mind with the added protection and durability.

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