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Recycled Rubber Tiles, Mats and Surfacing

The recycling industry has evolved significantly over the past 30 years and tire recycling specifically has become an important part of the management of our natural resources.  The development of engineered products made from recycled tires has allowed for use across multiple industries.  

While the use of recycled scrap tire derived products changes the dynamics of responsible resource recovery and use, their application is generally incorporated into existing industry segments with a long track record of protocols and best practices.  Recycled scrap tire rubber (crumb rubber) is used for a multitude of purposes found in our every day lives.  From playgrounds to paving and up on the roof top, you will find crumb rubber in places you never expected.

These beneficial uses reduce demand for natural rubber and newly produced synthetic rubber which helps save resources for future generations.  We are glad you have chosen to explore ways to contibute to a better planet.  Our conservation and responsible reuse of this valuable sustainable resource makes for a better planet and a brighter future for us all.

The following websites provide a foundation for learning as you explore product use for your specific project.

Playground Design and Safety

Federal and State Regulatory Agency's

Consumer Product Safety Commission Federal Environmental Protection Agency
International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery
International Playground Contractors Association New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
CAD Details  

Industry Associations

Synthetic Turf Council  
Rubber Manufacturers Association  
International Scraptire Recycling Institute  
Asphalt Institute  
Recycled Rubber Safety Council  
National Roofing Contractors Association