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May 22, 2015. Posted in Uncategorized.

Equine Ergonomics

Horses have been a source of enjoyment for hundreds of years as well as a source of labor and travel for centuries. These beautiful animals are both powerful and graceful and deserve the best care we can provide. » Read more

April 29, 2015. Posted in Dealers.

Dealer Opportunities

The competitive landscape for commercial playground equipment has never been more fierce. Commercial playground equipment manufacturers seeking to leverage their brand while driving additional revenues need reliable partners that can deliver quality produ » Read more

March 01, 2015. Posted in Playground flooring.

Quick Tips for a Safe Playground

Playgrounds are meant to be used. Kids need fun and safe places to play to expend their energy, engage their creativity and contribute to their overall growth and well being. Many playground designers (and buyers) focus on the aesthetics and then move rig » Read more

February 19, 2015. Posted in Decking Tiles.

Urban Design - from the road to the roof top. Innovative uses of renewable resources

Urban living is on the rise with a surging interest in "walkable neighborhoods". Maybe it's being driven by the increased cost of commuting or maybe the values of the current generation have changed. Whatever the case may be, "downtown America" is going t » Read more

February 10, 2015. Posted in Tire Recycling.

Where do all those tires go?

There are nearly 300 million tires discarded every year in America. Where do all those tires go? At one time they wound up in huge tire piles spread across the U.S.. Back in 1996 the States began to get serious about cleaning up those piles to eliminate t » Read more

January 01, 2015. Posted in Rubber Gym Flooring.

Crumb Rubber is Safe

Although Tire Recycling is a century old industry it didn’t reach mass awareness until the advent of the second generation of synthetic turf fields. In the late 90’s FieldTurf introduced this new generation of artificial turf that played more like natural » Read more